About Robert Cary

Robert Cary

Robert Cary was born in Plymouth, England, and educated at Malvern College and St. John’s College, Oxford.

After war service in the Royal Artillery in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy, he came to Rhodesia to join the Civil Service.  He left the Civil Service in 1964, and became managing director of a large industrial firm in Salisbury (Harare).

From 1962 to 1967 he was the Book Critic of RTV and made over 250 appearances on television before being banned in 1970.  He is the author of six books on various aspects of Rhodesian History.

He was chairman of the Rhodesia National Affairs Association and of the Rhodesia Branch of PEN International.

Robert Cary obtained a D.Phil from the University of Rhodesia.


A Time to Die (Howard Timmins, 1968).

Charter Royal (Howard Timmins, 1970)

Goodbye Tomorrow (1971)

The Pioneer Corps (Galaxie Press – 1974)

The Story of Reps (Galaxie Press – 1975)

Jameson and Lobengula 1889-90 (Seminar Paper – 1977)