Parliament of Zimbabwe – 1980 – Senators

          Senator Ankers, B.
          Senator Blunt, J.G.
          Senator Dr Chidzero, B.
          Senator Chinengundu, G.M.
          Senator Chief Chingoma, M.f.
          Senator Chief Chitanga, C.P.
          Senator Chivende, M.N.
          Senator Mrs Clark, M.A.
          Senator Chief Dakamela, M.
          Senator Fleming, K.M.
          Senator Hamilton Richie, D.A.
          Senator Chief Gwebu, M.E.
          Senator Hartley, G.H.
          Senator Hungwe, J.M.
          Senator Makanda, L.
          Senator Makunde, A.Z.
          Senator Chief Mashayamombe, L.B.
          Senator Moyo, F.P.
       ∗Senator Hon. Msika, J.W.
          Senator Chief Msikavanhu, E.T.
       ∗Senator Hon. Mubako, S.V.
          Senator Hon. Mussett, B.H.
          Senator Chief Ndiweni, K.
          Senator Ndlovu, A.
          Senator Ndlovu, M.
       ∗Senator Hon. Nkala, E.
       ∗Senator Hon. Norman, D.R.
          Senator Chief Nyati, M.M.
          Senator Hon. Partridge, M.H.H.
          Senator Savage, P.H.
          Senator Chief Seke, M.K.
          Senator Shoniwa, J.C.
          Senator Tangwena, R.
          Senator Whaley, W.R.
          Senator Chief Whata, M.D.M.
   ∗∗Senator Ziyambe, T.
∗∗∗Senator Mrs Takawira, S.
∗∗∗Senator Mrs Munyati, T.
∗∗∗Senator Culverwell, J.
∗∗∗Senator Hon. Garfield Todd, R.S.

∗ – Minister
∗∗ – Deputy Minister
∗∗∗ – Appointed by the Governor on recommendation of the Prime Minister