c_chikosi1973 Executive member. ANC (Muzorewa).
1976 Secretary for External Affairs, ANC (Muzorewa).

Dr Chakanyuka Chikosi was born in November 1936 at the Old Umtali (Mutare) Mission Hospital. He received his
primary schooling at Chirinda, Chipfatsura, Muradzikwa and Old Umtali (Mutare) Mission Schools – regularly securing first place throughout these early years. He then went to Goromonzi Secondary School, reaching Form VI in 1958 and distinguishing himself on the sports field as the inter-school high-jump record-holder.

In 1964 he graduated from Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee (USA) with a B.A. (Hon.) Degree in biology and chemistry. He then attended Mehary Medical College’s School of Dentistry, also in Tennessee, where he came first in a class of 28 and graduated D.D.S. with Honours in 1968.

He worked in oral surgery at Harlem Hospital until 1969 and then returned to Rhodesia to establish himself in private practice in Salisbury (Harare). He now runs a busy dental surgery in Highfield township.

As a youth, Chikosi joined the various African nationalist organisations – ANCongress, NDP and ZAPU. He was in America when ZANU was formed and regarded himself as a ‘sympathiser’, but says that he never became a member. He always believed, he says, “in unity under a popular leader”.

When the ANC (under Bishop Muzorewa) was formed in 1971, Dr Chikosi joined the new movement; he was first appointed a member of the Executive in November 1973. He became Secretary for External Affairs in 1976.

On 17 October 1976 it was announced that Dr Chikosi would be a member of the Muzorewa
delegation to the Geneva Conference.

Chakanyuka Chikosi is a strong, vital man with an outgoing and friendly personality. He relaxes by going fishing and in practising his hobby of stock-raising. He is married and has three children.