1980 – Member of Parliament for Midlands, ZANU PF.
1980 – Minister of Public Service

Minister Hove was responsible for much of the co-ordination of the planning of the Zimbabwe Independence celebrations as Minister of Public Service. Since the material for this book was collected during the short 3 weeks following the appointment of the Ministers to the first Independent Zimbabwe Government, Mr. Hove was not available for an interview.

It is known that he obtained his B.Comm degree in India in 1962, that he represented ZANU during 1966 in Tanzania, Lusaka and Europe; that he was ZANU’s chief Representative in Europe, and at one time the Secretary for Foreign Affairs in ZANU. He was based in Zambia and Mozambique during the war, and it is believed that he was one of the ZANU officials arrested by the Zambian Government after Chitepo’s death. After all were released to attend the Geneva Conference, the ZANU officials returned to the intensification of the war from Mozambique.