1963 PCC Representative in Lusaka.
1974 (Dec.) Member, Central Committee, ANC.

Stephen Parirenyatwa (first cousin of Dr T. S. Parirenyatwa) was born in 1925 in the Headlands District. After passing Standard VI at Howard Institute1 he underwent a teacher-training course during 1944. He remained at Howard Institute as a teacher, but later became Headmaster of Nyachuru School (where he remained in charge until 1963).

During the early 1960s he supported Joshua Nkomo, being a member of both ZAPU and later the PCC. In late 1963 he was appointed PCC representative in Lusaka and has had his domicile there ever since.

He joined FROLIZI on its formation in 1970. He was one of the four FROLIZI members present at the signing of the Declaration of Unity in Lusaka in December 1974.

He was a member of the ANC negotiating team at the Victoria Falls talks in August 1975. In the split which occurred in the nationalist movement in September he adhered to the Muzorewa faction. On 15 October 1976 he was nominated as a member of the ANC (Muzorewa) delegation to the Geneva Conference.

He has five children (three boys and two girls) whose home is with their mother in Highfield. The eldest son, Gideon, is studying in England.

1 Where he was a classmate of Willie Musarurwa.