1963 Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Salisbury (Harare) District and Mufakose Branch, PCC.
1971 Secretary for Women’s Affairs, ANC.
1975 (Sept.) Secretary for Women’s Affairs, ANC (Muzorewa).

Juliet Kutama was born in Buhera in the Victoria District. After attending primary schools she trained as a teacher and was posted to Ndawana Primary School near Salisbury (Harare). After her marriage, however, she went to live in Que Que.

She joined ZAPU in 1961. After this party was banned she was appointed PCC Secretary for Women’s Affairs for the Salisbury (Harare) District and for the Mufakose Branch. When many nationalist leaders were arrested in 1964 she organised a protest by a large group of women who gathered outside the British High Commissioner’s office in Baker Avenue, Salisbury (Harare). This led to her arrest but she was not held. 

She joined the ANC in December 1971 and was appointed Secretary for Women’s Affairs. In this capacity she was responsible for organising African women to protest to the Pearce Commission against the constitutional proposals. When the ANC split in September 1975 she remained in the Muzorewa group, where she continues to hold the Women’s Affairs post. She is reported to be now living in Mocambique. Juliet Kutama is an outspoken supporter of Women’s Lib and was quoted in The Star, Johannesburg, as saying that the world would be a better place if women had the power. She appeals to the men to “work harder for Zimbabwe”. She is a strong believer in the need for unity within the nationalist movement.