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1953 Secretary-General of British African Voice Association (‘African Voice’) 1961 Chairman Umvuma Branch of NDP 1961 Provincial Organizing Secretary NDP (Victoria Province) 1962 Provincial Administrative Secretary, ZAPU 1964 Deputy Organizing Secretary, ZANU 1971 Secretary for Law and Order, ANC 1972 Deputy Administrative Secretary, ANC (Lusaka) 1975 Member Central Committee, ZANU 1980 M.P. for Midlands.  Minister […]


1962 Chairwoman of Barbourfields Women’s Branch, ZAPU. 1963 District Chairwoman of Women’s League, PCC. 1974 (Dec.) Deputy Secretary for Women’s Affairs, ANC. 1975 (Sept.) Member of Central Committee, ANC (Nkomo). 1976 (Sept.) Deputy Secretary for Education ANC (Nkomo). Tenjiwe Virginia Lesabe was born a Khumalo1 at Makokoba Clinic, Bulawayo, on 5 January 1932. Shewas the […]


1960-61 Founder Member and National Executive Member, NDP. 1963 Representative of ZAPU in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). 1963 Public Relations Secretary, PCC. 1974 Member Central Committee, ANC. 1975 (Sept.) Publicity Secretary, ANC (Nkomo). Willie Musarurwa was born on 24 November 1927 in the Zvimba Reserve. Sinoia (Chinhoyi) District. He was the fifth child in a family […]


  1956-57 Interim Secretary-General, later Secretary, Harare Branch, ANYL. 1957-59 Secretary, Harare Branch, ANCongress. 1964 Publicity Secretary, ZANU. 1972 Publicity Secretary, ANC. 1974 Chairman, Editorial Committee, ANC. 1974 Member, Central Committee, ANC. Edson Sithole was born on 5 June 1935 in the Eastern Districts of Rhodesia. His parents were “typical peasants” (his own phrase) and […]


1957-59 Secretary, Rusape Branch ANCongress. 1963 Organising Secretary, ZANU. 1980 Member of Parliment, ZANU (PF) – Manicaland 1980 Minister of Mines, Zimbabwe Maurice Nyagumbo was born at Rusape in 1924, one of a family of four boys and three girls. He was brought up by his grandmother who sent him for his early education to […]


  1957 National Treasurer, African National Congress. 1962 Secretary for Youth Affairs, ZAPU. 1963 Secretary for External Affairs, PCC. 1974 (Dec.) Member Central Committee, ANC. 1975 (Sept.) Secretary-General, (Nkomo) ANC. 1976 Delegate to Geneva 1976/80 Secretary General ZAPU PF. 1980 Member of Senate.  Minister of Natural resources and Water Development.  Joseph Wilfred Msika was born on 6 December 1923 in the Chiweshe […]


  1956-57 First President, African National Youth League (ANYL). 1957-59 Vice-President, ANC. 1961-62 Executive Member, ZAPU (although in detention). 1964 Acting President, PCC (during detention of Joshua Nkomo). 1972 Chairman, FROLIZI. 1974 (Dec.) Member, Executive Committee of ANC. 1975 (Sept.) Secretary, ZLC. James Chikerema was born in May 1925 at Kutama Mission near Salisbury (Harare). His parents were of the Shona tribe; his father, the first […]


1957 Chairman, Bulawayo Branch, ANC. 1962 National Treasurer, ZAPU. 1963 Financial Secretary, PCC. 1963 External – Representative, PCC. 1974 Lusaka, Member of External Committee, ANC. 1976 (April) Vice—President i/c External Affairs, ANC (Nkomo). Jason Moyo was born about 1927 near Plumtree, on the order with Botswana. He was a member of the Kalanga tribe1 After […]


  Secretary, British African National Voice Association. 1957-59 Secretary-General, ANCongress. 1963 Secretary-General, PCC. 1963 External representative, PCC. 1975 (Sept. 1)Head of the Finance and Property Committee, ZLC. George Nyandoro was born in 1926 in the Chiota Reserve to one of the ruling Shona families. His grandfather (Kunzyi Nyandoro) fought against “the BSA Company with great tenacity and courage” during the 1896-97 […]

LAZARUS NKALA (1927-1975)

  1957-59 Treasurer, Bulawayo Branch, ANC. 1960-61 Treasurer, Bulawayo Branch, NDP. 1961-63 Bulawayo District Chairman, ZAPU. 1963-64 National Organising Secretary, PCC. 1974 (Dec.) Member of the Central Committee of ANC. 1975 (Sept.) Organising Secretary, ANC (Nkomo). Lazarus Nkala was born on 26 February 1927 in the Filabusi District of Rhodesia. His father was a school teacher and lay preacher with the American Brethren […]


1961-64 National Organising Secretary, ZAPU and PCC. 1963-71 Director of Youth and Culture, PCC. 1975 (Sept.) Secretary for External Affairs, ANC (Nkomo). 1976 Delegate to Geneva Conference 1980 PF M.P. for Midlands 1980 Minister of Public Works, Zimbabwe Government Clement Muchachi was born at Selukwe (Shurugwi) on 19 August 1925. He was the eighth child in a family of nine […]


1952-59 ANCongress. 1960-61 President, NDP. 1961-62 President, ZAPU. 1975 (Sept.) President, African National Council (Nkomo). 1976 President, ZAPU (PF) 1980 M.P. Midlands – PF 1980 Minister of Home Affairs, Zimbabwe   Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo was born in June 1917, in the Semokwe Reserve, Matabeleland. He was the third child, a sister having been born […]


1962 National Councillor, ZAPU. 1971 Founder Member, African National Council. 1972 Secretary-General, African National Council. Charlton Ngcebetsha was born of Fingo parents at Butterworth, Transkei, on 28 February 1909. Both his parents were school teachers and members of the Methodist Church. He was the second of 10 children. He was educated at Lovedale, near Alice, […]


1948 Vice-President, African National Congress.1960-61 NDP Executive Member.1962-72 ZAPU Executive Member (London Representative).1972-74 FROLIZI Official.1975 (Sept.) ANC (Muzorewa) in Lusaka.Enoch Dumbutshena was born on 25 April 1920 at Marshall Hartley Mission near Makwiro. His father, Job Dumbutshena, was a member of the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union1 during the 1930s. His mother, who was prominent […]