It would have been impossible for us to have given this book any real depth of coverage without the assistance of Africans who are themselves prominent and long-serving members of the nationalist movement. In this respect we would like to express our grateful thanks both to Dr Edson Sithole (whose help and encouragement in the early part of our researches was invaluable), and to Mr Willie Musarurwa, whose encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of nationalism in Rhodesia and of the individuals involved in it was placed freely at our disposal.

Many people assisted us with their personal knowledge of individual nationalists, and we are grateful to all of them. Our special thanks in this regard, however, go to Mr A. P. Knottenbelt, Mr Moton Malianga, Mr W. M. Tregidjo, Mr L. G. Madiye, Mr J. M. Gamanya, Mr Hardwicke Holderness and Mr Nathan Shamuyarira. The last-named also gave a great deal of his time in helping Mrs Diana Mitchell towards a greater understanding of the nationalist movement during her visit to Dar-es-Salaam in December 1975.

We acknowledge with a special warmth the help and encouragement which we received from Dr Morris Hirsch, particularly as this came at a time when we were depressed at what we believed was the imminent failure of the whole project.

For varied help and information, our thanks go to Mr Peter Jennings of A.B.C. News, Mr G. Dellar, Librarian of Parliament, Mr Wilf Nussey of the Argus Africa News Service, Professor Dr Betty Hendrikz, Dr Philip Warhurst, Rev. Andrew Ndhlela, Mr Alan Rake, Mr A Sepgio Mello, Mrs Anne Lewis and Mr Alan Gray. Mr and Mrs Michael Haddon opened their doors freely to Mrs Mitchell during her visit to Lusaka in September 1975. For their hospitality, and for their help in obtaining introductions to many prominent nationalists in Zambia, we are both sincerely grateful. Diana Mitchell’s visit to Dar-es-Salaam would not have been possible without the generosity of Miss Veronica Somerville, to whom we express our deep appreciation. The manuscript was typed – many times – by Miss Sally Searle (now Mrs Sally Lundgren). We are greatly indebted to her for her patience and accuracy. Secretarial assistance was also given to us by Mrs Carole Wood, to whom we offer our thanks and appreciation. Finally, we should like our respective families to know that their tolerant understanding over the 18 months it has taken to prepare this book has not passed unnoticed.

NB. The ANC (Nkomo) is now known as ANC (Zimbabwe).
The ANC (Muzorewa) is now called United ANC (UANC).

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following in making pictures available for this work:
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The Rhodesia Herald: pages 50 and 165.
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